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NCE Air Purifier

RRP $245.00

The NCE Air Purifier has been researched and developed by professional air quality design teams with consideration to caravans, motorhomes, RV or domestic environments and lifestyle, which is suitable for all kinds of spaces.

Replacement Filters Available.

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NCE Air Purifier is specially designed to purify indoor air and effectively remove harmful indoor gases (eg: formaldehyde), second-hand smoke, inhalable particulates (eg: PM2.5), killing bacteria an removing dust, and dispelling peculiar smells.


  • Suitable for areas up to 20m2
  • High-efficiency composite HEPA filter
  • Multi-Layer purification and filtration
  • Honeycomb activated carbon filter
  • Infrared remote control
  • Auto air quality monitor with auto-adjust
  • Cold catalyst filter
  • High-density negative-ion
  • UV sterilisation
  • High accuracy air quality sensor
  • Filter replacement warning
 Filtration SystemFunction
Layer 1Primary anti-microbico filterFilter large particles or hair
Layer 2High efficiency HEPA filterFilter PM 2.5, source of allergy, powder bacteria, virus and mycete
Layer 3Honeycomb activated carbon filterEliminate peculiar smells, absorb harmful gas’s
Layer 4Cold catalyst filterEfficiently resolve formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia gas, TVOC, sulfuretted hydrogen or other harmful gas
Layer 5UV sterilisationEfficiently kill all kinds of bacteria for disinfection
Layer 6Negative-ionEliminate dust, fresh air, remove indoor static electricity for sterilisation



Rated VoltageDC 12VRated Power8.5 Watts
Rated Current0.6 AmpsNoise Index53 dB
CADR92m³/hNet Weight2.1 kg
UV Wavelength254nmUV Lamp power3 Watts
Negative Ions8×106 pcs/cm³SensorAir Detection Module
Application Area≤ 20m²Dimensions334 x 129 x 295 mm