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NCE NUOVO™ Window and Blind Set

You probably haven’t given the windows on your caravan or RV much thought – however, you really should. There are some vital practicality and functionality determinants that you should be aware of, to maximise your enjoyment when you set out on your adventures.

Whether you are looking at replacing your caravan’s existing windows or you are building a motor home from scratch, you will want to take a closer look at the NCE NUOVO™ window and blind combination.

Some of the features that set this window and blind combo apart include its aesthetically designed flat exterior tinted acrylic frame that provides an elegant finish for your caravan. They are also easy to install, thanks to the hole punched clamp ring which provides secure installation, while reducing the likelihood of breakage of internal plywood. The magnetic horizontal grab rail is a nice touch, with the combo offering 3 window positions – open, closed, and ventilation. The ventilation position with flyscreen, allows you to enjoy some fresh air, without insects and bugs invading your sanctuary.

One of the best features is the EU-certified double-glazed windows that are included. Double glazing is the standard for noise reduction and also energy efficiency. With the noise reduction properties, you will sleep like a log, you won’t even hear the cicadas or crickets that usually keep you awake at night. Also, with the energy-efficient properties, you will be able to either reduce or even eliminate the need for heating and cooling, and stay comfortable around the clock, on all of your road trips.

The aesthetic design extends to the non-intrusive interior blind and frame design, making the NCE NUOVO™ the perfect fit for any caravan or motor home. Its rubber seals prevent any water ingress, and the aluminium powder coated concertina blind and flyscreen frame, prevents corrosion and increases durability.

The windows come in a range of sizes, designed to fit a wide range of dimensions.

Visit the product page for the NCE NUOVO™ Window & Blind Combination for all sizing and other information.