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6.5 Inch Internal Speaker with LED Lights

Specifically designed for RVs and Caravans, this NCE internal 2-way speaker and LED Light combination is the ideal fit for new installations or replacing any 6.5-inch speaker fixture. Built into the 120W speaker are two 1.5-Watt LED lights for the extra lighting required. With a mounting depth of 28mm, the slimline speaker integrated with a tweeter and woofer is capable of producing high-quality, low distortion sound from the unobtrusive location of your caravan.

Besides looking sleek and modern, the speaker and a light combo unit is also simple to install. By combining the speaker and LED light in one single unit, it reduces the need for additional cutouts within the roof or wall section as you can now run wiring cables to the same internal section – eliminating the hassle of running wire to the lights and speakers separately.

Featuring a removable ABS grille, the unique design and powerful speaker is a stylish and practical addition to any caravan or motorhome interior, allowing you to enjoy great-sounding music wherever you want.