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3.5KW Gree Rooftop Slimline Air Conditioner

Before you hit the open road in your RV, there are a few creature comforts you wouldn’t want to be without. At the very top of many RV enthusiasts’ must-have list and arguably the most important device to take with you on your adventures would have to be an air-conditioner.

An air conditioner can literally be the difference between a good and bad adventure.

Regardless of the weather outside, be it sweltering hot or freezing cold, the air-conditioner will create the perfect climate for you and your family so you can enjoy your adventures in the ultimate comfort.

While there are many electronic devices that you can purchase for your RV, you would be hard-pressed to find an electronic device as important as an air-conditioner. Essentially it is one of those non-negotiable, must-have items for the Australia conditions irrespective of the season.

With many types of air-conditioners on the market, we would like to introduce you to this innovative, stylishly designed, robust 3.5KW Roof Top Air Conditioner from GREE, built for the harsh Australian conditions and features a 2-year warranty.

If you are not familiar with GREE, they are the largest air conditioning manufacturers in the world. GREE has over 570 laboratories, 8,000 research & development engineers, and 20,000 technology patents. GREE has over 27 years of experience in delivering innovative and reliable air conditioning solutions, which has earned them a solid reputation around the globe, with over 300 million customers worldwide.

The 3.5KW reverse cycle climate control rooftop air conditioner is specifically designed for RVs. It has Wi-Fi control capabilities and app control so you can control the air conditioner with your smartphone or tablet at any time, from any location with an internet connection. It can be started and run with only a 1KVA (1HP) petrol generator, compared with 2 HP required by competitors. Also featuring a low standby mode of less than 1KW.

It has a programmable climate control range from 16 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius with an operating temperature of 4 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius. It is aptly designed to keep you comfortable year-round, regardless of how hot or cold it is outside. Also included is a dehumidifying function, and 24 hours programmable on/off timer.

Perhaps its best feature aside from its ultra-low profile stylish design is it is ultra-quiet. Noisy air-conditioners can be extremely annoying, especially in the small confines of an RV. Air conditioners that are noisy can disrupt sleep, interfere with other electronics such as televisions or radios, and many people find them more of a nuisance than they are worth, often switching them off at bedtime, so they can enjoy a restful sleep.

With the GREE 3.KW rooftop air conditioner, you will not have to worry about switching it off at night, you and your family will be able to enjoy uninterrupted sleep in the perfect climate.

The other benefits will include better air quality, the GREE air conditioner circulates and filters the air, removing air pollutants. This is particularly good news for sufferers of asthma or other allergies. It will also reduce insects and parasites and prevent other electronics from over-heating.